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CAP 1293-1-AC3TR :: Cap. Touch Sensor + LED Driver TDFN-8

CAP 1293-1-AC3TR

The CAP1293 is a turnkey capacitive touch controller providing a wide variety of button and proximity functionality, and making it easy for designers to add
aesthetically pleasing, low-cost and robust touch interfaces. It also offers improved proximity detection with its Signal Guard option.

Key Features
• 3 Capacitive Touch Sensor inputs
• Programmable sensitivity
• Automatic recalibration
• Combo Mode: Key and Proximity
• Press and Hold feature for Volume-like Applications
• Power Button support
• Signal Guard
• Low Power operations
• 8kV protection

Communication interface
• I²C™ and SMBus

Operating Conditions
• 3.0V to 5.5V
• Package type
• 8-pin 2x3 TDFN

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