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CL25N8-G :: LED Treiber, 90 V, 25 mA, SOT-89


CL25 is a high voltage, temperature compensated, constant current source. The device is trimmed to provide a constant current of 25 mA ±10% at an input voltage of 5.0 ... 90 V. No external components are required. The device can be used as a two terminal constant current source or constant current sink. A typical application for the CL25 is to drive LEDs with a constant current of 25 mA. Multiple CL2s can also be used in parallel to provide higher currents such as 50 mA, 75 mA or 100 mA. The device is available in TO-92 and TO-243AA (SOT-89) packaging.

• 5 ... 90 V operating range (VA-B)
• 25 mA ±10% at 5 ... 90 V
• 0.01%/°C typical temperature coefficient
• No external components (two terminal device)
• Can be paralleled for higher current

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