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HV9921N8-G :: LED Treiber, 3-Pin Switch, 20 mA, SOT-89


The HV9921 is a pulse width modulated (PWM) high-efficiency LED driver control IC. It allows efficient operation of LED strings from voltage sources ranging up to 400VDC. The HV9921 includes an internal high voltage switching MOSFET controlled with fixed off-time (TOFF) of approximately 10.5 µs. The LED string is driven at constant current, thus providing constant light output and enhanced reliability. The output current is internally fixed at 20 mA for HV9921. The peak current control scheme provides good regulation of the output current throughout the universal AC line voltage range of 85 ... 265 V AC or DC input voltage of 20 ... 400 V.

• Constant output current: 20 mA
• Universal 85 ... 265 V AC operation
• Fixed off-time buck converter
• Internal 475 V power MOSFET

Technical Data:
• Topology: Buck
• Input Voltage: 20 ... 400 V
• Output Current: 20 mA
• Power: 1600 mW

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